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When it rains, it pours! I am buried in the editing cave with projects, so I am bringing back this tongue-and-cheek post from eons ago. It’s hard to believe that this blog is turning six this year. Time flies. Though on the lighter side content-wise, I do hope you’ll chime in and offer some wisdom or tales of woe when it comes to the many steps required when it comes to how to establish and author platform. 

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How to Establish an Author Platform

Self-published and traditional authors alike shoulder much of the responsibility of promoting their own work and often cringe at how to establish an author platform. Essentially, an author-platform is how a person reaches an audience of book-buying people. Rather than get overly frustrated at the amount of time it takes to create a platform, view it as a challenge well worth the learning curve.

So here’s what you do…

  • Get a Blog
  • Start Tweeting
  • Make a Facebook Fan Page
  • Participate in LinkedIn Discussion Groups
  • Join GoodReads

Yep, just like that you will have a platform. But you gotta work that platform and work it good! Notice how my tone now turns to mockery.

picture of question marks

But what about Google+ you might say? Maybe you’ve amassed a growing circle of Authors and Bloggers there. Or perhaps you’ve became involved with Triberr, Networked Blogs, SheWrites, BlogHer, The Independent Author Network, or countless other communities. And what about Instagram, Pinterest, FourSquare, Digg, and Reddit? You got me on Reddit. I tried it but got booted for spamming.

Oh, and establish a YouTube account while you’re at it because apparently book trailers are an author essential. Helpful pointer: don’t make a trailer unless you hire someone or have the skills for it not to scream amateur attempt. And for the love of brevity, any three-minute book trailer is a snoozefest.

While you’re at it, make sure you’re checking your Google analytics account and fretting over your site speed as if your life depended on it!

On many days, you probably wonder where it all ends. Will you ever feel your author platform building duties are complete? Here is where self-control comes into play. Decide how much time you can devote to the task and stick with it. Building that author-platform takes perseverance. Like learning anything new, the road can be bumpy at first. Don’t give up. You can do it!

picture of tired person

BTW … you can get sued for “borrowing” images from other websites for your blog. Download pictures labeled for use in the public domain.

And just as you feel  overwhelmed, you can attempt to start scheduling your online presence with the likes of Buffer, HootSuite, and TweetDeck. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there you have to finish writing your novel. Don’t despair. Little by little it will all fall into place.


In all seriousness, what advice do you have when it comes to how to establish an author platform? 


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