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UPDATE: I’d like to think I’m The Little Engine that Could of bloggers. At least that’s the positive spin I choose to put on it. Finding your blogging niche comes easier to some than others. My blog debuted just over two years ago. I had no prior knowledge of the blogging community. Eight months in and 150 entries later, I originally published this post. It’s time for an update. Have I finally found my blogging niche?

It seems like ages ago, I lamented:

JeriWB: A blog without a tagline. Or a niche.

I first changed my blog’s name from JeriWB Teacher Writer Traveler to JeriWB What do I know? Now I’ve now settled on JeriWB Author & Editor. With the first name change came the end of my food and travel posts. Alas, Google got mad at me for deleting those entries and images. Live and learn, but thank goodness for the 404 re-direct plugin!

Writing is the process of becoming, and as such, it’s always been closely linked to identity. More than once, writing has helped me re-define who I am. Even more important, the link between clear writing and clear thinking cannot be denied. The many modes of media available literally create a large part of our existence. This fascinates me.

jeriwb, jeri walker-bickett

As for the teaching posts? While I may have a ton of great stuff to share, I must be honest with myself. I left the classroom to follow my writing dreams, and rehashing my teaching experiences on a weekly basis got old. So while those posts still generate the most organic traffic to my blog, I just didn’t  want to do them anymore. It’s time to move on. My past has prepared me for my present.

Tagline Tango

The Twisted Book Blog tagline fit for awhile. I didn’t want to be all about books, but I certainly love literature. Authors can blog about any number of things related to their books or the writing world. I guess it’s just hard to keep a good teacher down because what I most come back to are posts which explore what qualifies as good writing.

JeriWB Author & Editor: Pursuing good writing in all its forms.

Keep it simple stupid! We all know that, but tend to learn the hard way. Still, my focus will be a bit eclectic as I have no desire to focus on just one type of writing. I’m equally fascinated by what constitutes good practices in creative writing, blogging, and editing. My background is in literacy studies, and my blogging passion is to explore the many ways words are wielded in the 21st century.

  • Mondays: Tips on writing, editing, and blogging.
  • Thursdays: Sharing reviews, interviews, author updates, and stories.

It’s hard to believe I once posted five days a week. Knowing what I know now, I might choose to blog a book. The past can’t be re-done. While I may have started all of this to write my novel Lost Girl RoadI’ve accomplished much more than just two drafts. I’ve also left a career in education behind, moved cross country twice, and started a freelance editing business. Only now am I settling into a decent drafting rhythm for my creative writing.

Is my niche perfect? I don’t know. I’m planning more writing-centric posts, and will eventually post just one book review and one interview a month. It is more focused with each makeover, and I’m pretty enthusiastic regarding my new approach. I’ve learned about web design, video production, and social media. My mind feels engaged and alive. I never planned on running my own business, and the learning curve has been steep.

The classroom keeps fading away and with that waning I find myself waking up to the possibilities I should have been pursuing for the past decade. I am healthier and happier and closer to living the life I’ve dreamed. That is sweet indeed.

Has the journey of finding your blogging niche been relatively smooth or a bit rough?

Image of Tolkien travel quote

Child And Train by Jiri Hodan. Permission must be granted by JeriWB to use the Tolkien quote image.

Article by Jeri Walker-Bickett aka JeriWB

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