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Magnetic poetry can be addictive, and I occasionally fall victim to its charms. National Poetry Month continues! On the other hand, I hate the tiny little word tiles. They have a tendency to fall off and get misplaced. Plus, transporting the tiles from place to place is an exercise in futility; that is unless plucking each tab off one surface and then tediously placing it on a new one is your idea of fun. That aside, magnetic poetry can provide tons of word amusement.

Magnetic Poetry


When I was a new teacher, one of the first things I did to coolify my English classroom was to spend my own money on the original Magnetic Poetry kit. Students found it hard to resist. Why? They couldn’t resist composing lewd poetic masterpieces. When a few students that weren’t mine came in to gander at the whiteboard, I caught on to their bawdy efforts and retired the kit to my home refrigerator. If only I would have snapped a photo of some of their naughty creations!


Magnetic Poetry Kits


Eventually, I considered bringing the kit back to the classroom, but only for specific poetry activities. Yeah right. Considering my penchant for planning elaborate activities that devoured too much of my personal time, I quickly talked myself out of that idea. Thankfully the makers of Magnetic Poetry make small samples of their kits available at their website.


On my classroom Smartboard, I presented my creative writing students with the chance to wow each other with their poetic prowess. What happened? They froze. Became self-conscious. Asked what they were supposed to do! Looking back, I could have eased the activity on them with more finesse. But still. Creativity need not be such an ordeal.


Magnetic Poetry


Needless to say, when I moved, I picked the words off my fridge one last time and gave them to my favorite creative writing student. The website kits are a poor substitute for word play since only a small handful of words are provided. I would even pay for a full electronic kit, but it doesn’t appear such a product is currently available. Bummer.


Here’s what I came up with today.

Magnetic poetry, jeriwb, Jeri Walker-Bickett


Do you or anyone you know partake in the fun that is magnetic poetry? Do you play at home or keep it at work? What kit(s) have you tried?



Image Credit: Magnetic Poetry Heart by Phaln. Please share responsibly. Jeri Walker, 2013.

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