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The following is a representative sample of what some of my most loyal clients have to say about working with me. For more recommendations of my work, please visit my LinkedIn profile. My portfolio of published projects appears below as well.


Jeri Walker and I have worked together on numerous projects and I hope to work on many more in the near future. She’s assisted me with critiquing, copyediting, and proofreading. Her insights and guidance are much appreciated and they help me take my writing to the next level. Each time Jeri has gone above and beyond my expectations and she’s a pleasure to work with. Her sense of humor and dedication helps me get through each round of edits and I’m lucky to have her on my team.

T. B. Markinson

Romance Author

Jeri was instrumental in getting my novel Missing Girls ready for publication as well as a short story/play collection. I’m really indebted to her for her great attention to detail as copy editor. I’m not built for that I guess, and it’s an enormous help for you to attend to all the issues having to do with proper use of language, punctuation, etc. But, maybe even more importantly, her manuscript critiques have been the impetus that sends me back into the story to clarify, expand, and expound on more of the whys and wherefores of events and character motivations. It’s good to see that Jeri’s editing etc. career has really taken off. She’s going great guns. She’s really top-notch.

Larry Crane

Mystery Author



I hired Jeri to write a press release. As promised, she made every word count! Having been impressed with what I’ve seen of Jeri’s line editing, she was my first choice when I needed someone to quickly condense a large amount of information into a bite-sized release. I’m extremely happy with Jeri’s work and recommend her as a line editor and press release writer.

Cristen Iris

Ghostwriter. Editor. Communication Strategist.

Jeri has been an amazing asset in my ability to create my first book Lessons From An Ordinary Life: Childhood. Her work is meticulous and careful. Her editor’s eye has given me the very thing I needed to make the book what it is. That is particularly important to me because I am dyslexic. She sees what I don’t and is able to correct my work in such a way that it still sounds like me. That is what sets her apart from other editors, her ability to do all that she does with her editing without losing the writer’s voice. That is a gift. I am very grateful for having found her and will be using her services for all my future projects.

Susan P. Cooper

Food Blogger & Memoirist

The projects shown below are a representative sample. For a full list of all the published projects I’ve worked on, please visit my full portfolio on the Facebook page of Word Bank Writing & Editing. I specialize in working on literary fiction, memoir, self-help, mystery/thriller, and romance. While I am at home copy editing numerous genres (including academic journal articles), I am not a good fit for critiquing sci-fi or fantasy.

Critique, Copyedit (Psychological Fiction)

Copyedit (Mystery)

Cover image of Course Hero Color Purple Study Guide

Content and Copyedit (Course Hero Study Guide)

Critique and Copyedit (Career Guide)

Cover image of Blue-Eyed Son by Melissa Tomlinson Romo

Copyedit (Mystery)


Cover image of Dad#1, Dad #2 by Natalie Perry

Copyedit and Creation of Source Citations (Memoir)

Cover issue of Idaho Magazine May 2016

Copyedit of “Bowhunter Down” (Essay) May 2016

Critique (Romance)

Cover of Missing Girls by Larry Crane

Critique and Copyedit, including footnote creation (Mystery)

Copyedit (Self-Help)

Cover image of the Idaho Review

Submissions Editor, Copy Editor (Literary Short Stories) Vol. 14

Content and Copyedit (Course Hero Study Guide)

Cover image of A Clueless Woman by T. B. Markinson

Critique, Copyedit, Jacket Copy, Tagline (Romance)

Cover of Shattering Time by KJ Waters

Reader Report and Copyedit (Thriller)

Cover of Even Rain is Just Water by Lynette Davis

Reader Report and Author Bio (Memoir)

Copyedit, Proofread, Jacket Copy, Book Formatting (Memoir)

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