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I’m back! Please enjoy this list of resources for writers from Word Bank’s blog archive. The past three months have been a whirlwind of packing, moving, selling my house in Idaho, and getting settled into my new life in Montana. I’m thrilled to be back in the English classroom as teaching truly is my calling in life. That being said, this first year of planning and grading at a new school is keeping me busy and limiting the time I spend online. To my established readers and new readers, the titles below are self-explanatory and represent some of my best efforts. I will still be editing manuscripts, but can now take the time to further hone the types of projects I take on. In short, life is good. Words are wonderful. Enjoy!    

Resources for Writers

The following list of resources for writers represents each post category from Word Bank’s blog. I’ve been publishing posts on this site since 2012. In eight years, I’ve cranked out some great posts. What follows below is a representative sample of the top posts from the 300 articles that have been published on this site.

Editing Posts

Types of Editing Defined

Understanding Editing Fees

Choosing an Editor

The Value of Writing Critique Groups

Narrative Distance and Filter Words

Writing Posts

How to Establish Writing Accountability

Approaches to Outlining a Novel

Photography and Writing (Revision Exercise)

Sentence Sounds (Scripted Prompt)

52 Memoir Prompts   learning to read, learning to write, left hand

Publishing Posts

Determining Your Book Publishing Goals

Should You Do a Print Version of Your eBook?

Book Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

5 Reasons to Submit Work to Publications with Editorial Discretion

Pitching to Literary Agents at a Conference

Marketing Posts

How to Determine Your Target Readers

Must-Haves for Author Websites

Finding 1,000 True Fans

Local Marketing Tips for Authors

Newsletter Basics for Authors

Literature Posts

Curse Words in Books: Yea or Nay?

Do you Prefer Print Books to eBooks? What about Audiobooks?

Wildly Popular Books Have You Loathed?

Banned Books: What is Age-Appropriate Literature?

Literary Criticism: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

That’s but a small sampling of the blog posts I’ve produced over the years. Each post is then linked to others. Come back again and continue to take a journey down the rabbit hole of posts on writing, editing, marketing, publishing, as well as literature. While you’re at it, consider signing up for my newsletter. A free copy of an Author’s Guide to Book Clubs is included.

Which of my resources for writers posts have you found most helpful? What other websites do you read on a regular basis that you would consider a good example of resources for writers?

Please share responsibly. Jeri Walker, 2019. Image credit: Left Hand.

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