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Join me today over at Blondie & the Brit: Writing, Publishing & Beyond. My client KJ Waters and fellow author Suzanne Kelman have recently launched a fantastic podcast full of helpful information. I was excited (and nervous) to be invited over for my first ever podcast. Also, congrats to Suzanne who was just offered a book deal!


Blondie and the Brit


During the podcast, I describe the evolution of my blog and how the critical book reviews I used to post here led to editing inquires. KJ points out my website reflects the entrepreneurial spirit in every sense of the word because Word Bank Writing & Editing evolved as a direct result of the blossoming self-publishing market. I also discuss my plans to expand the content of Popular Poe Stories in Plain English and also produce a print book. I’m coming into my own as an editor, but still haven’t quite figured out what type of writer I want to when I grow up. In any case, the short e-books I’ve published have given me many insights I can share with my clients.


Download this episode (right click and save) and also feel free to visit the Blondie & the Brit website.


In the second half of the Blondie & the Brit podcast, I emphasize how chopping out words is my most favorite thing ever. When looking for an editor, a free sample edit of a few pages can reveal a lot about how the potential working relationship will go. I also discuss the differences between different types of editing. It’s unlikely most authors can afford to hire an editor for every stage of the process, so it pays off to develop a firm sense of your writing strengths and weaknesses in order to spend your money wisely. I then share the most common mistakes I see in the books I edit, as well as share some insights about social media.


I hope you’ll stick around for the lightning round of questions at the end where I reveal my childhood my aspirations to either be an astronaut or a stripper. Guess I settled for book editor instead 😉


I would love to hear about the evolution of your blog or any reactions to the podcast interview.



If you missed it the first time, why not take a look at KJ’s author interview that appeared on this blog in May 2015.


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