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Why I write… I write to capture the magic spell of storytime when my senses tingled with anticipation and connected me to a gripping book world. Some of my earliest memories are of snuggling next to my sister Sharon as she read aloud to me. I loved finding out what would happen next in each of those stories and soon began making up my own. Storytelling was fun.

Why I Write

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I Write Because I am Stubborn

To make a long story short, my introverted ways and left-handed pencil-holding preference put me at odds with my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Whiteside. That old bat practically destroyed my insatiable desire to learn as well as squashing my budding storytelling talent. Then one day I was rescued by my weekly reading coach who simply stated, “You don’t need my help. Look at how well you read.” Affirmation makes all the difference. Finally, someone saw that when I felt comfortable my learning “issues” went away. Literacy in all its forms is a long endurance test and I am up for and fascinated by the challenge.

I Write to Make Sense of the World

Over the years, I’ve literally written myself into existence. Were it not for trips to the library, an endless stream of movies and television, and the beauty of music, I would have had nowhere to turn during an especially angst ridden adolescence fueled by an ongoing family crisis. Journaling kept me afloat when there was nobody and nothing else to turn to. Writing is the process of becoming, and for its redemptive qualities I remain forever grateful.

I Write Because So Many Things Frustrate Me or just Plain Piss Me Off

Writing is the way I quell that dissatisfaction with the world and channel those feeling into more productive endeavors. Writing is one way to have a voice since I am not the best speaker in the world and am the type who makes an art out of not drawing attention to myself at social events. Sentences can be crafted and the rhetoric behind messages honed in a way that my speech cannot. The approaches that can be taken with the written world are limitless. That endless potential appeals to my creativity.

I Write Because I Can

Writing is my talent. The one thing I’ve always wanted to succeed at, but never gave myself permission to really try. I was ready to take on the world in all those graduate and undergraduate writing workshops. Then a teaching career happened. Then my art teacher friend proposed starting a monthly writing group with another co-worker. That was my way back in.

Often, my writing process does not even begin with words. Images can grab hold and haunt my mind for years. Then my brain goes to work and starts to imagine what stories I can spin from those images. I write because I must. I write in order to feel whole again and to give back a bit of myself to the world.



Why do you write?


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