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Guest Posts are a great way to reach new readers. I welcome topics related to writing, editing, marketing, and publishing as well as the impact literature has on our lives. Consider the guest post prompts below a starting point. I am also open to other ideas. Ideally, I prefer to host guests who are familiar faces around this blog and various social media platforms, although I am open to working with new people. Currently, I aim to host a guest post approximately every other month.   


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Possible Topics for Guest Posts

Writing and Editing Tips: What tips do you have for writing polished prose and engaging stories? What hallmarks define your chosen genre? How would you define what makes something a good story? Process accounts of how you get the writing done are most welcome, as are posts on writing and reading spaces.


Publishing and Marketing Insights: What realizations have you had regarding the publishing and marketing of your own book? Have you attended a writing conference you found particularly enlightening? What advice can you offer authors about blogging?


Life-Changing Literature: What book would you credit with somehow altering your life? What specifically about the book did you most enjoy? What changes did it prompt you to make in how you live or think? This can also include influential children’s literature. What book did you encounter as a child that fed your imagination and shaped the person you were becoming? Was it read aloud to you? What role did pictures play?


Banned and Challenged Books: Were you involved as a student, teacher, parent, or in another capacity? Was that role an active one or more of an observer? Why do some people seem so adamant when it comes to book censorship? Who has the power to decide? Please do not divulge details on specific people or school districts.


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Criteria for Guest Posts:

  1. An original and approved topic. The full text of the post should not appear elsewhere online.
  2. Length of 800-1,200 words. This is a guideline and is negotiable.
  3. Submitted at least one week in advance of the publication date.
  4. Accompanied by an author bio of approximately 100 words.
  5. Includes a headshot as well as 1-2 more images for use in the post (scaled down to be no more than 600 pixels wide).
  6. Stylistically competent and grammatically correct.
  7. Comments responded to in a timely manner.
  8. Ideally, the guest should also reciprocate comments as well.
  9. A link to your guest post here appears on your own site.
  10. Shared and promoted across social media.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Comments are not active on this post, but feel free to contact me. Also feel free to explore this site’s guest post archive


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