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I pride myself on writing meticulous and concise prose as a result of the extensive training I’ve received on the craft of writing and in cognitive theory. I understand the challenges of being an authorpreneur and possess sound knowledge of traditional book publishing, partner publishing, and independent publishing.


Blog Posts or Web Page Content w/ Optional Images: My posts are written with SEO in mind, and each will be accompanied by a key phrase and applicable text tags in addition to the keyword being emphasized naturally within the text. The scope of the topic and desired length factors into an appropriate fee. Public domain images to accompany the post can be requested, which includes a link for credit and re-sizing. Please view my post portfolio for links to my work. (coming soon!)

  • Primary Expertise: Writing, Publishing, Pedagogy, Language Arts Education, Breast Cancer
  • Secondary Expertise: Food & Wine, Travel, Healthy Living, Resilience, Alternative Lifestyles
  • Tertiary Expertise: Critical Reviews, Entertainment, Blogging Tips, Social Media


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Books: Do you have a book idea but prefer to work smarter and not harder by leaving the task to a professional wordsmith? Whether your vision will help further your business goals or capture your life story, I can help you save time by ghostwriting a manuscript that captures your unique voice and style. Interviews and emails will led to the production of agreed upon deliverables such as the book outline, transcript reviews, first draft, and rounds of revision. Book proposal assistance is available as well.


Substantive Editing: Maybe you have a partially complete manuscript you’ve been unable to finish but still long to see the book come to fruition. Allow me to step in and take the reins, whether it be the novel you hit a roadblock on (contemporary fiction only), the biographical story you hope to capture as a family heirloom or to inspire others, or an informational nonfiction you’d like to use as a calling card for your business or at speaking engagements. I can help you finish your labor of love.


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Author Add-ons: I would be happy to assist with the types of writing listed below. If I have already edited your manuscript, fees for some services will be significantly lower compared to working on a book I have not yet read.

  • Query Letter and/or Synopsis: Allow me to alleviate the pain associated with these essential documents for submitting work to literary agents. Industry standards will be followed, and two drafts with client feedback in between will be included. If desired, I can also write these from scratch.
  • Jacket Copy: The book description includes two drafts with author feedback in between. Approximate length of 150-250 words. A list of 6-10 taglines can also be requested, as well as a 3-sentence summary of the story to be pitched at conferences, etc. HTML formatting available upon request. (Book Description Samples)
  • Biographies / About Page: This can range from an overview of approximately 500 words to an in-depth personal profile. The content will be shaped from information gleaned from online sources and questions posed to the client. This includes two drafts with client feedback in between. Multiple bios may also be requested for placement in different contexts. All biographical writing will be accompanied by a concise distillation of 50-75 words. (Lynette Davis and Susan P. Cooper)
  • Book Club Discussion Questions: A set of discussion questions with suggested answers for use with book club groups. The questions will be written to encompass multiple levels of response and will draw upon my years of experience teaching and discussing literature with high school and college students.
  • Press Releases: A statement written in AP style and prepared for media distribution to announce your book’s release. Expect a few questions from me in order to establish the best news angle. This includes two drafts with client feedback in between. It does not include distribution of the press release to various news outlets, though a complementary list will be provided. (Press Release Sample).
  • Newsletters: Stay in touch with your mailing list by sending newsletters with informative and promotional content on a regular basis. Whether you need help setting up a list, customizing a letter template, or composing content and scheduling, I can help you achieve those goals via MailChimp.



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Professional Experience, Testimonials, and Project Examples

Please see my LinkedIn Profile for more recommendations. My biography also contains additional information related to my professional experience and educational background. Various client testimonials and project examples can also help further assure you of the quality of my work.


Request a Complimentary Consultation

Make every word count. I look forward to hearing from you. After initial contact, I will pose more questions via email to better assess your needs. The free 15-minute consultation can then take place via Skype or phone. After discussing the type and scope of your writing project, I will then be able to estimate appropriate fees and draft a contract for negotiation.

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