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Freelance Editing Services

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Please take a moment to read the descriptions for the freelance editing services I offer as well as explore some of the links to examples of my work and professional experience. After initial contact, I will pose more questions via email to better assess your needs. The free 15-minute consultation can then take place via Skype or phone. After discussing the scope of your editing project, I will then be able to estimate appropriate fees.

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My Editing Approach

Each manuscript receives multiple passes in order to allow me to further refine the language with each attempt. In addition to making suggestions and corrections, I also aim to educate each client on the reasoning for my choices. Turnaround times generally range from two to six weeks and are dependent on the type of editing being performed and and manuscript length.


Please visit my Amazon Storefront for interior examples of published projects I have edited:

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Reader Report: A 3-5 page single-spaced report addresses big picture strengths and weaknesses present in the story regarding basic elements of successful storytelling. Some suggestions for revision are included as well as a follow-up consultation. No comments are made within the manuscript. This is a great option for the most budget conscious of writers. I pack a lot of feedback into my concise report. (Reader Report Sample)


Manuscript Critique: Whole passages or scenes may need reworking, but the overall story is sound and has already undergone some revisions. Issues with characterization, conflict/tension, description, inconsistencies, pacing, passive writing, plot, point of view, scene development, and showing vs. telling are noted in the margins using comment bubbles to note strengths and weaknesses. Consistent grammatical errors will be noted as a common courtesy, but not corrected repeatedly. A written evaluation is also included. (Critique Sample)



Copy/Line Edit:  Sentences and paragraphs may require reworking rather than whole pages or scenes. Awkward phrasing, syntax issues (sentence variety and structure), repetition, showing vs. telling, best word choices, passive verb elimination, suitable dialogue, cliches, anachronisms, chapter breaks, timeline consistency, and more are addressed. Minor fact checking as well as potential copyright issues are also covered. Be advised some small errors will inevitably slip through, and a follow-up proofread by additional sets of eyes is advised. A manuscript style sheet and overview letter is also included. (Copy Editing Sample) (Style Sheet Sample)


Proofread: Basic errors corrected regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There is no restructuring or re-writing of sentences for clarity. However, this entails much more than merely running the document through spell check. A style sheet can be requested for an additional fee. If you are self-publishing a print book, it’s best to have the proofreading performed on the properly formatted version that will be uploaded for distribution. (Proofreading Sample)


The projects below can be found at Course Hero, Why Does This Always Happen to Me, and Finding Our Way Now:

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Additional Freelance Editing Services: I can format interior layouts for print and ebooks (see examples). I also offer assistance on query letters and book synopses. One revision can be submitted for additional feedback. If you want to make a solid impression with an important blog post, consider a critique and copy edit combo. I can also help with updating your resume and job application cover letter by researching appropriate examples for your profession and being available for as many rounds of feedback as you request



Payment Info

Payments: I charge flat fees, which means no billing surprises. A detailed contract (see example) will be negotiated for book-length projects before the first invoice is sent. Typically, 50% is due upfront, with the other half due upon completion. Projects less than $500 must be paid in advance. Work will not be returned until payment has been received in full.

  • Rates: Editing rates vary from 0.075 to 5 cents per word (US currency) depending on project complexity.
  • Deposits: A deposit is required at my discretion to secure a spot on my calendar. This fee will be forfeited if the client needs to change the project starting date. If a work sample has been completed, that charge can be applied toward the upcoming project.
  • Discounts: When an additional pass is requested on significantly revised material, a 5% discount will be given off the standard rate.

Professional Experience and Client Testimonials

Please see my LinkedIn Profile for client recommendations and skills overview. My biography also contains additional information related to my professional experience and educational background. Various client testimonials can also help further assure you of the quality of my work.


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