Copyediting and Manuscript Critiques

Each manuscript receives multiple passes in order to allow me to further refine the language with each attempt. In addition to making suggestions and corrections, I also aim to educate each client on the reasoning for my choices via an overview letter. For more information, please read Types of Editing Defined as well as Understanding Editing Fees.

I specialize in literary fiction, memoir, self-help, mystery/thriller, and psychological suspense. I am not interested in working with sci-fi, fantasy, or romance, but I am intrigued by magic realism.


Content Editing

Reader Report: An approximately five-page single-spaced report addresses big picture strengths and weaknesses present in the story regarding basic elements of successful storytelling. Some suggestions for revision are included as well as a follow-up consultation. No comments are made within the manuscript. This is a great option for the most budget conscious of writers. I pack a lot of feedback into my concise report. (Reader Report Sample)

Manuscript Critique: Whole passages or scenes may need reworking, but the overall story is sound and has already undergone some revisions. Issues with characterization, conflict/tension, description, inconsistencies, pacing, passive writing, plot, point of view, scene development, and showing vs. telling are noted in the margins using comment bubbles to note strengths and weaknesses. Consistent grammatical errors will be noted as a common courtesy, but not corrected repeatedly. A written evaluation is also included. (Critique Sample)


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Copy Editing

Copy/Line Edit: Sentences and paragraphs may require reworking rather than whole pages or scenes. Awkward phrasing, syntax issues (sentence variety and structure), repetition, showing vs. telling, best word choices, passive verb elimination, suitable dialogue, cliches, anachronisms, chapter breaks, timeline consistency, and more are addressed. Minor fact checking as well as potential copyright issues are also covered. Be advised some small errors will inevitably slip through, and a follow-up proofread by another set of eyes is essential. A manuscript style sheet and overview letter is also included. (Copy Editing Sample) (Style Sheet Sample)

I only offer editing services on what I do best. Feel free to check out the resources page if you’re in need of additional services.

Author Add-Ons: I would be happy to assist with writing those persnickety tasks that tend to give authors a major headache such as query letters and synopses, jacket copy, author bios, and more.


Request a Complimentary Consultation 

What are you waiting for? Give your book the attention it deserves. After initial contact, I will pose more questions via email to better assess your needs. The free 15-minute consultation can then take place via Skype or phone. After discussing the scope of your editing project, I will then be able to estimate appropriate fees and draft a contract for negotiation.

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