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How much have your reading habits changed in the last five or so years? I got my first Kindle in spring of 2010. The purchase was one of impulse and curiosity. I had tax money to burn. Surely, I told myself, I would never read the device on a regular basis. As I read my first few eBooks, I begrudgingly admitted the e-ink screen held a certain appeal as did its space-saving capabilities. Yet, I still lugged a sizable paperback copy of Gone with the WindΒ around Greece and Turkey for two weeks that summer. Little by little, my preferences have changed.

Image of Kindle Paperwhite

Do you prefer print books to ebooks? Granted, this is not a new topic of conversation, but one that has fascinated me as I’ve witnessed my own gradual draft away from the allure of printed books. Multiple bookshelves used to graced my home, but now I’m down to just two, and I continue to weed my collection. Part of this is due to asking myself if I will ever be likely to read the title again because I know I will be moving again someday, and boxing up books is a major pain. Mostly, I like knowing that all of my books can now fit on a device that fits in the palm of my hand.

Image of Kindle Paperwhite

I received my Kindle Paperwhite this past Christmas. The adjustable backlit screen is great, though I don’t care for the way the device is linked solely to GoodReads when it comes to sharing online when you’ve finished a book. I prefer a dedicated eReader because I am prone to social media distraction if I read on my iPad.

The issue of shifting reading preferences can be further complicated when it comes to which type of device one prefers to do certain types of reading on. If I want to take notes or am in a hurry to skim, I will use the iPad because the screen is more responsive than the PaperWhite’s. Yet the iPad is quite heavy, while the Kindle’s battery lasts longer.

The biggest revelation I’ve made about my reading preferences these past few years is that I simply am not compelled to read fiction in any shape or form while sitting at my computer screen. I want to feel cozy while immersing myself into a story world, and that’s just not going to happen when I’m in blog perusal mode.

In general, I aim to read at least a book a week. I can handle thirty-six titles a year with relative ease, but often struggle to fit the rest in. My solution last December was to join Audible. Once a month, I can now download an audiobook for only $14.95 a month. Now I find myself looking forward to walking my dog even more because I listen to my selection for the month.

I still continue to buy travel books and most other forms of reference books in print form. The integration of images and special formatting has a ways to go in the eBook world. In the end though, I don’t miss print books much at all. Yet many people love the smell, the feel, and the heft of printed pages.

So where do your preferences fit in? Do you prefer print books to eBooks and why?

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Article by Jeri Walker-Bickett aka JeriWB.

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