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The images below appear as featured images on blog posts and pages across this site. Starting January 2018, header images will be rotated in the order listed for each new blog post.

Book Pages: Featured on Writing Portfolio posts  and the Publications page.

Book and Seedling: Featured on Lit Chat posts and the Blog page.

Book Spines Vintage: Featured on Book Review posts and the About page.

Fountain Pen: Featured on Literary Criticism posts and the Disclaimer page.

Ink and Quill: Featured on Author Interview posts and the Testimonials & Portfolio page.

Keyboard with Sphere: Featured on Marketing posts and the Contact page.

Metal Letterpress Types: Featured on Publishing posts and the Overview page.

Notebook and Pencils: Featured on English Classroom posts and the Resources page.

Typewriter Keyboard Vintage: Featured on Editing Tips posts and the Editing Services page.

Typewriter Strike Keys: Featured on Writing Tips posts and Writing Services page.


The post Where to Find Images for Blogs contains tips on proper image use on websites as well as links to copyright free photo sites.


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