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No path to publication is easy, and I’ve found a book that serves as a helpful guide when it comes to making such decisions. Your Path to Publication by Kim Wright is practical. The self-explanatory title delivers on its promise as it walks the aspiring author through the steps of getting their book published.


The author’s anecdotes never slide into self-indulgence or reckless plugs for her novel Love in Mid Air. Kim Wright tackles the daunting subject of seeking publication in a straight-forward manner, but she often includes delightfully humorous lines that never overshadow her book’s purpose. The conciseness of the book coupled with her strong narrative voice make it a great example of using a personal touch to enlighten a rather mysterious subject.


Your Path to Publication by Kim Wrights


Page after page contains great publication information. For the first time, I no longer feel overwhelmed by the process because someone (Kim Wright) has finally written a book that address the publication process as well as the emotional factors involved. And dang it, the emotional factors are important too!


Advice abounds in terms of who and how many readers will benefit your early drafts as well as covering the roles played by agents and editors. It was also comforting to read “it never feels the way you thought it would feel.” Seeing those words in print by some other soul makes it just a little bit easier for me to keep writing. Plenty of links are also given for helpful websites.


I encountered Your Path to Publication because I moved cross-country from Idaho to North Carolina and happened to read about it in the Charlotte Observer when the newspaper announced a book by this local author. Time will only tell how well I heed the book’s advice, but having such a clear blueprint makes it easier to stay motivated.


I am more torn than ever if I should go the indie author route and self-publish or query agents and see what comes of it. The author certainly gives the reader a lot to take to heart.


Which  path to publication will you or I follow?


You can connect with Kim Wright via Twitter.




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