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Larry Crane’s novel A Bridge to Treachery takes the reader back to the “greed is good” Gordon Gekko mindset of Wall Street in the 1980s. The story opens with Lou Christopher contemplating, “Where had all the investment theory gone?” He’s a Viet Nam vet who has come late to the stockbroker trade, and he’s hungry to land a big account.

cover image of a bridge to treachery by larry crane


The promise of wealth and success gets dangled in front of Lou, but with strings attached. His prior life in the military makes him a valuable asset. He struggles with the morality of his choice, which adds depth to his character. Little by little, Lou realizes he’s just a pawn in a much bigger game; a game he isn’t supposed to live through.


The first quarter of A Bridge to Treachery builds slowly, but with purpose. One of the author’s greatest creations lies in Mag, Lou’s wife. The author carefully establishes the duo’s history and camaraderie. At one point Mag admits, “I am scared. Scared that there was nothing he did to get this [the big account].” One of the greatest strengths of the novel lies in the author’s deft ear for rendering dialogue, which is no doubt a result of his experience writing plays.


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The action of the story contains exquisite detail akin to watching an action movie unfold. The author creates solid images which paint a vivid story world, and yet, such an abundance of detail can also become overbearing at times. Backstory of Lou’s military endeavors mix with the present storyline with mixed success. The narrative feels most disjointed with news bulletins regarding Lou’s act of domestic terrorism.


Larry Crane’s novel thrills, but it also gives the reader more than just surface story. A Bridge to Treachery will keep you turning the pages until the end. For those seeking an intense read, Lou’s role in blowing up a bridge as part of a Presidential re-election conspiracy will not disappoint. For those pursuing a book with intricate layers concerning what it means to do the right thing in love, business, and politics, the author delivers. Even better is the promise of a sequel. What will happen next between Mag and Lou?


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