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The first days back to school always entail a flurry of documents that students and parents alike must read, sign, and return. Like many teachers, you probably spend the first day of class going over the rules and expectations of your classroom. It’s important to start the year with the right tone, and a great classroom welcome letter can really help.


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You can view an example of the ENG 9 Qtr 1 Welcome Letter  that I sent home with my English 9 students. Feel free to use the document as a template to format your own letter. I’m happy to be of assistance! It’s possible to photocopy the following details on double-sided sheet of paper. A thorough back to school letter should contain the following:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Teacher Biography
  3. Course Purpose
  4. Course of Study
  5. Supplemental Materials
  6. Student Responsibilities
  7. Needed Supplies
  8. Organization Pointers
  9. Website Address
  10. Code of Conduct
  11. Discipline Policy
  12. Homework Policy
  13. Missing Class
  14. Late Work
  15. Handbook Policies
  16. Assessment Measures
  17. Extra Credit
  18. Portfolio, Labs, etc.
  19. Signatures


We all know that introducing classroom rules and expectations can be pretty boring for both teacher and student, but you should only be limited by your imagination over how to introduce the concepts in your back to school letter to your students. The worst thing you can do is just to read it to them! UGH. 


What unique approaches have you tried to communicate such information to your students?


Photo credit: rachel sian / Foter / CC BY-NC

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