Would you like to win an iPad Mini?

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iPad GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Tune-in to find out who the winner is on 6/15.
Picture of iPad Mini

Who wouldn’t like to win an iPad Mini?

Life just wouldn’t be the same without my iPad Mini. I never thought I would grow so dependent on how much easier it makes numerous tasks such as keeping up with my favorite blogs, editing photos, not to mention reading eBooks. So when my fellow blogging friends approached me about participating in this giveaway I instantly said yes.

Here is how the iPad Mini giveaway works. Myself and the bloggers listed below have teamed-up to do this amazing giveaway. That’s right, we’re giving away an Apple iPad Mini! (16 GB, Black or White, w/ Initial Engraving). We couldn’t be more excited to offer you this opportunity, and to welcome new followers to all of our blogs.

The iPad Mini contest will run from Wednesday 6/5/13 to Wednesday 6/12/13 (midnight PST). You’ll have multiple chances to win by completing the steps for each of the blogs list below (each button below will direct you to each site).

To Enter the iPad Mini Giveaway You Must Do the Following*:

  • Subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already)
  • Comment on this post letting me know how you would use your new iPad mini before Wednesday (6/12/13 midnight PST)
  • Do the same for each of the blogs listed below to increase your chances of winning! Note: You’ll get one chance to win for each of the blogs you subscribe to and one chance for each comment (that’ up to ten total chances).
  • The winner will be announced on Saturday (6/15/13) so don’t delay and give yourself a chance to win a new Apple iPad Mini by getting started right now. Good luck. :-)

Break Free Dan Meyers blogFinding our Way Now Susan CooperGeek Girl TodayVirtual Admin to Go Elizabeth Scott

*Open to US residents only. Must have a US postal address to receive the prize.

My short story collection, Such is Life, is now only .99 until June 15. [signoff][/signoff]Photo credit: iPad Mini by @NickyColman / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Jeri Walker-Bickett
JeriWB writes short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense. The rough Idaho mining town she grew up in populates her literary landscape. She also works as a freelance editor.
Jeri Walker-Bickett


Author of short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense. Blogger of writing tips and lit chat. Freelance editor. http://t.co/sfCsmQ5hyM
#Editor: Proofreading Sample http://t.co/vF5TWWUqis #freelanceeditor - 3 hours ago
Jeri Walker-Bickett
Jeri Walker-Bickett
Jeri Walker-Bickett
I offer a variety of freelance editing services. Previously, I served as an editorial assistant with The Idaho Review, Boise State's literary journal.


  1. Yay for contests.

  2. The mini iPad would go with me EVERYWHERE… but the really big news is “Such is Life.”

    Loved your stories!

  3. I agree. Such Is Life is a great read.

  4. A contest? Woot woot!

    What I’d use an iPad Mini for: reading books, checking blogs, taking pictures of my children, and using it as a research tool for writing (and recipes in the kitchen).

  5. Jeri — I would slip the mini into my pocketbook and take it with me everywhere to send and receive emails and check the web. Great idea!

  6. Just subscribed. Hmmm. How would I use the iPad mini. Well, I have an older iPad, hand me down from my hubby who has the mini. From what I know I about it, I think I’d LOVE using the voice of it to get emails answered faster. And, I’d give my hand me down iPad to one of my sisters, nieces or nephews. Whoever might really want it.

  7. I would so love an iPad for my Grumpy Hubby. he has stolen my iPad to stare at Radar 24 and share prices and now I can’t get any writing done!
    Great contest and a fabulous prize. Good luck with it. x

  8. How would I use my new iPad mini? I think the better question would be how WOULDN’T I! ^_^ No seriously, I would use it to stay on top of email, social media and the like. Update my site, track meetings/obligations, submit reviews, and pretty much anything else I could think of. I’ve been hearing a lot of good chatter about this latest Apple creation and the size is perfect for my on-the-go needs. Thanks for the chance!

  9. WOO! HOO! got the book and I love it. :-) Good luck to all who enter the contest. :-)

  10. Having an iPad mini would open up my techie world to endless possibilities. Books on demand, following my favorite blogs, keeping up with all my social media, and who knows what else. I would love to slip one of these in my purse. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I’m with Jon, Yay for contests! I got “Such Is Life” and posted a review in April, it’s excellent. This is not faint praise, I don’t normally go towards short stories and its the second book review I’ve ever given.

    As to the mini iPad. It would be my personal treasure. Easy to use and connect up with my email, but more than anything, I’d like to explore how I could use it to draw. My daughter has an iPad, but all I’ve managed to see so far is the back of it :) It would also be the first time I had my very own electronic devise.

  12. Im a subscriber and I would use the ipad mini to read, listen to music and keep up with friends.

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  13. This mini iPad would help me organize my daily schedules (including writing times), read blogs (especially yours), skype with family and friends, maybe even break-down and start reading more eBooks (especially yours), be able to keep up with emails while traveling…uh…be able to promote my works a lot easier, and possibly use my social networks a bit more.

    And just so you know, just so you don’t get scared, even though I’m living in Germany, I have a U.S. address and I’ll be there in the summer. This will so help me stay in touch with all of you in the States. :D

  14. If I won the ipad mini, I just might keep up with all of my social media sites! I could get more reading time in too.

  15. i subcribe also and i would help my son learn with apps and play music for him thats the only thing that works for him is music so this is what i would do with it

  16. Just followed. Love your blog. I would use the mini for everything – emails, reading, apps, picture taking!

  17. What a fabulous contest. I’d love to win an ipad mini. It would be great for writing on the go as well as sitting up in bed and I also use drawing program’s which are all a bit pokey on my iPhone. Pick me, pick me! Thanks so much for having the competition.

  18. Great contest, would love the mini iPad because my five year old and now my one year old won’t let me have any of my electronic devices. You name it, pads, phones, tablets and even remotes for the TV!

  19. Right on, cool contest, Jeri! I would use the iPad Mini to give to a friend of mine who is always helping me out with my computer stuff. It would be great to give him a present as I rarely have the monetary means to do so. I’m going to share the post to Twitter now :)

  20. I would use an iPad Mini to read ebooks, check in on Foursquare, and live-tweet events I attend. If I had an iPad Mini, I wouldn’t always have to lug my laptop around when I travel.

  21. I received an Ipad from my family for Mother’s Day 2012. Within 2 weeks my kids and husband had taken it over as the “family Ipad”. I do not mind sharing, but I never get a turn :)! I would love to have my own mini stashed away in my purse. I would use it for all the important things in life: reading, surfing and online shopping!

  22. if I won the mini, I would of course use it to read your blog!

  23. I would So use this for anything, but mostly blogging. :) With little ones in tow, it would be nice to have mobility when blogging. :)

  24. Since I have never owned an ipad, I would love to! I’d use it to for reading FOR SURE, and it would help me do some of the book reviews when having to read digital versions since I can’t curl up with my computer!!!

  25. I’ve been checking blog feeds, email, and reading books off of my phone but the screen is so small and it hurts my eyes after a few hours. I want to use the ipad mini to replace everything I used to do on my phone (except make phone calls of course!)

  26. Hi Jeri! Great contest! I am actually entering for my son. He is 13 and has some learning issues and he could really use an iPad mini to download audible books! He loves to read, but has trouble when he has to read to himself. Also, he is an entrepreneur and he wants to use it with his customers in his landscaping business. Thanks!

  27. i would mainly use my ipad mini for school, but it will replace my cracked ipod lol

  28. When I wasn’t using it to broaden my horizons, I would use it as a beer coaster to protect the fine finish on the particle board furniture in my hotel room.

  29. I would love a Mini to use for impulsive ideas I get on the go for my book. I am always scrambling through my purse for a notepad (aagh I left it at my computer!) or blog. It seems I can get inspired any time, anywhere. I am usually settling for the back of my grocery list now!

  30. I would use the iPad mini for browsing the web and reading emails.

  31. Subscriber and I would love to have something to take with me to stay connected

  32. well, I am 47 years old and I am finally going back to college. I would love to use it for that!

  33. I subscribed to all and left comments.

    I’m always on the go, so I would use an iPad Mini to check work and personal email, review documents, and keep track of everything that must get done!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I would use it for school.

  35. Love the giveaway!! Totally fun and great product

  36. I would give it away to a needier writer than me, my period of writing is almost over cause its either under appreciated or sheet

  37. I would use the iPad mini for many many things. But most importantly I would use it for writing my first ever novel (it’s slowly coming along on my laptop but I would love to be able to write while on the Skytrain) and for writing down notes for classes which start in September! I am a student and would never be able to afford an iPad at this time…so maybe in the future. Thanks for the contest! Good luck to everyone and I enjoy your blog :)

  38. I’d use my iPad mini to work on my book whenever ideas came to me. It would so much more convenient than getting up to use computer.

  39. I would love to use the iPad Mini to help my little girl get ready for Kindergarten! What a great resource!

  40. I am a subscriber. Oh my goodness, let’s see…. what would I use the Ipad Mini for? Absolutely everything! Reading – check! Looking up my favorite recipes – check! Helping my kids with reading – check! You can do so many things on it. I have wanted one since Christmas, and for my birthday which just passed.. Thanks so much for the chance, it would be an amazing surprise to win!


  41. Great contest! I’d read, of course! And play games, download educational programs for my little ones. I’ve been wanting one of these mainly for educational purposes for my 5 yr old. I know she’d love it! :)

  42. Great giveaway, too bad the best ones are always US residents only ;-(

  43. This is an awesome gift. I would for sure use it for watching movies, internet, storing pictures, and reading. Congratulations Mrs. Walker on your book!

  44. I subscribed via e-mail as blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com
    I’d use it to read while outdoors and traveling.

  45. What a cool contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. I subscribed to your email posts. I would use the ipad mini for my social media because my eyes are getting too old for my tiny phone screen.

  47. I would use it to watch movies, read books, and play games.

  48. If i won the mini i would give it to my father so he could play games,,read his favorite books,and watch his favorite movies!

  49. Wow! What a fun contest. I would give the mini to my mom-in-law so that she would have an iPad for her music and her books.

  50. Hi Jeri Great contest! Pity I’m not in the US of A but at the Southernmost tip of Africa instead. Nevertheless, thought I’d tell you what I would/could have done with such a marvelous device… Disgorged spontaneous mad lines of poetry related to random sightings of life’s incongruous and paradoxical, and captured moments that present themselves as furiously perfect kernels of story – by the time I’ve reached home the latest idea has subsumed all the others… So much to write so little time!
    PS. Busy reading SUCH IS LIFE

  51. What wouldn’t I do with a new ipod mini? Thanks for the great contest, Jeri! If I win, I’ll send you avocado pound cake. :)

  52. hmmm…I will use my new iPad mini to take notes when a brilliant thought crosses my mind (at least once a week for this lol!).
    I will use it as a GPS that is large enough for me to read.
    And especially will use it to read books online.
    What fun!

  53. Love the great giveaway, coming to enter again for another entry, I’m a new subscriber (glad I found you) anger_family @yahoo dot com
    I would use the ipad to do everything that I’m now doing on my personal computer..I will get to tweet and google from anywhere, now that’s exciting! thank you again.

  54. If I won the iPad Mini, I would use it with the Square Card Reader, which would be a faster way to take orders at my local cupcake business. In my downtime, I would use it to read e-books and play Scrabble.

    Thank you for the chance :)!

  55. So excited to be involved with such great bloggers on this contest!!!

  56. Thanks for the chance to enter! I’d use the iPad Mini mostly for work purposes – to edit files, take notes, and Skype/FaceTime with colleagues remotely, but also to stay in touch with friends and stay connected to social networks when traveling. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    I subscribed via email: gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  57. Subscribed! I would mainly use it for school and reading. Thanks for the contest!

  58. subscribed – I would use the iPad Mini for games, facebook and other social media

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  59. I would take this lovely iPad mini all over with me to keep track of fleeting inspiration, snatches of dialogue, my work,class and writing schedules, the endless lists I’m always making and losing- it’s probably faster to say what I wouldn’t use it for!

  60. Hurray, fellow #BlogLover! I’m virtually considered a stone-age kinda gal; I have no cell phone and my 2009 laptop is the most trendy thing I have. If I have a mini iPad, I’d be able to use it to finish my manuscript, stay updated with my blog and social media sites when I’m on the go. Instead of waking up at 6am to do some twittering, and waiting until I get home at 9pm to publish a post. And the most important thing I’d use it for, is to make my ex and his new gf completely jealous. Oh Yeh!

  61. I would use the iPad mini to read eBooks, watch videos, and browse the web when I’m on the go.

  62. Hi Jeri! So excited for this giveaway. As a blogger, I really need an iPad for blogging on the go:) (I subscribed, too!) xo

  63. If I won ,I would give it to my grandson who parents are having a rough time financially and had to move and no cable..would love to be able to find a way for him to read more..

  64. Hi Jeri, Thanks for running this great contest. I would give the iPad Mini to my wife who can use it to play games and download great apps for our 10 month old son.

  65. I subscribed!! I would love to use my ipad to read and to entertain my girls!

  66. Thank you for the amazing giveaway. I would use it for reading and games.

  67. I would use this to help my daughter learn, and also for myself to help keep me more organized.

  68. What a swell giveaway! I am new to the world of tablets so I would use the iPad to learn new skills and have some fun! Signed up for your email at catshaw2e@gmail.com

  69. Great giveaway, thanks for going in on it!

  70. Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity! I would definitely use this for my blog…currently I’m tied to my desktop…and the portability would be fantastic to have!! I follow by email: kmf.grandstaff@yahoo.com

  71. I would slip this into my purse and use it to help me stay organized and on top of matters.

  72. I would use the iPad to help me promote my jewelry shop on Etsy. I have a desktop and that limits me when I’m not home much.

  73. I would use it for a lot of things, but I know for sure I would put some fun educational games on it for my kids! They would be so excited to use it! :)

    • Forgot to say, I subscribed at ilikevindiesel(at)yahoo.com :)

  74. Kicking butt and taking names as always, Jeri! What would I do with a new Ipad Mini? I would give it to my Supermodel Wife as a perfect surprise to an itchy seventh wedding anniversary. She’s wanted an Ipad forever but something else more pressing has always gotten in the way. Fingers, eyes, and everything else in two’s (~blush~) are crossed that I win!

  75. As a struggling actress, it would be a great tool to submit to jobs, edit resume, watch movies and develop my web series. This would be a very convenient way to stay in touch and handle work without a smart phone.

  76. Jeri, I just confessed on Cheryl’s blog to still having a “dumb” phone. I’ve always enjoyed being unplugged from the Internet when I’m out and about. I’m always reading about great apps that are available and I’ve recently been realizing that the time has come to at least consider a smart phone. Winning your contest would sort of be the Universe making the decision for me. :)

  77. It’s be so great to win! I work on the go… and this would make it so much easier than on my phone! (I have a wifi only gen 1 ipad that is on its poor last legs… ready for the electronic recycle bin.)

  78. I’d use my iPad mini to catch up on some reading!

  79. I’d use it for so many things… ebooks are a big one, plus email, facebook, browsing, and games. I’d need to find a way to get it away from my kids first, though…

  80. Subscribed! I would love to use it with my son to play games and read books on as the regular iPad is too big for him to hold.

  81. I would use an iPad mini to read all your books!

  82. I would love one(**)

  83. I would use it for reading mostly and keeping up with twitter and pinterest. I subscribe: littlebirdionheart [at] gmail.com Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  84. Im a subscriber and I would use the ipad mini for my job and to keep up to date with news and social media

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  85. Thank you SO much for the giveaway :)!
    If i won the iPad Mini, I would use it to photograph and videotape my kids at there games and dance recitals. It is the perfect size to slot in my purse and go, and also fashionable! I’ve been wanting to get rid of my old, cracked “dumb phone” for a while now, and this might be my chance to finally use something “smart” :).

  86. The iPad Mini giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced on Saturday 6/15. Thank you for participating and hello to all of my subscribers!

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