New Release: Letters from Grandma by Cheryl Therrien

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Today’s guest is a geek and a grandma, plus a blogger and an author. It’s my pleasure to bring you a glimpse of Cheryl Therrien’s new book. Her lovely letters certainly lend themselves to being read aloud, and I highly encourage you to listen to Cheryl’s podcasts.

I would like to express my thanks to Jeri for inviting me today. She has become a wonderful blogger friend. I love meeting all the authors she introduces us to every week.

Today I want share with you a book that has changed my life. Not because I read it, but because I wrote it.

Cheryl TherrienThose of you who know me through my blogs, Geek Girl USA & Grandmother Diaries, know that I recently became a grandmother for the first time. I have been waiting for this day for what seems like a very long time. Although it has been a long wait it has been a good wait. My son needed to be ready to actually be a father.

When he told me I was going to be a grandmother I was nothing short of elated. My mind started racing in ‘grandmother’ mode. I began to think about what I wanted my first grandchild to know. Then the idea of writing a series of letters came to me.

Letters From Grandma: Before You Were Born

Through these letters my first grandchild will learn just how much he is loved and wanted. When he is going through those rough teenage years he will be able to read these letters and gain comfort. There is nothing more precious than knowing how much you are cared for and valued.

Writing these letters changed my life. These letters allowed me to say in words what I may never get the chance to say verbally. You think you have all the time in the world to say the things you want your loved ones to know. That is simply not the case. I did not want my first grandchild growing up without the knowledge I was able to impart through these letters.

Letters from Grandma

Once again I would like to thank Jeri for inviting me to Guest Post so I could share this momentous milestone in my life with all of you.

Cheryl Therrien aka Geek Girl is an author and blogger.

Print or electronic copies of her book can be found on Amazon US and Amazon UK.[signoff][/signoff]

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Author: Jeri Walker

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  1. The idea behind this book is so very appealing. Not just because of the opportunity it creates for a future dialogue between gandmother and grandchild, but also because I wonder if Cheryl will be surprised by her own voice when she reads the letters again a few years from now. It’s possible that new grandma may have some different opinions from experienced grandma.

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    • You may very well be right. I could look back and wonder what I was thinking all those years ago when I wrote the book. :)

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  2. Thank you so much Jeri for giving me this opportunity to be a guest on your blog! I hope everyone takes the time to listen to at least one of the podcasts so that they can get an idea of what the book is all about. :) They are free to listen to.

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    • Cheryl, it’s great to feature your work here today on my blog. Your podcasts are great. Every time I hear your voice, it’s like I’m transported back to library story time. Not everyone is so lucky to have the great read aloud voice that you have 😉

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  3. Cheryl is a good friend. I remember her excitement about her first grandchild and the birth of the idea of this book. It is such a heart warming book. I agree with Jeri, it lends itself well to reading out loud. :)

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  4. What a lovely idea for a book. My sister-in-law is a new grandma too and I will pass on this book to her.


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  5. I am not a grandma yet, but my mom is. Last year my sister had a baby girl.
    When my son was born, I wrote some poetry for him…similarly to Cheryl’s letters…

    I think the whole concept of writing to “babies” is great!

    On a different note, it’s nice to keep running into the same people over and over in the blogosphere, too!

    Hi everybody!

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  6. It is interesting to note that both Cheryl and I became grand parents at close to the same time. My granddaughter is just a slight bit older than her grandson.

    It is crazy to see the changes n your life when your babies hav babies.

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    • Jon – I know what you mean. I still think of my son as younger than he is. It is only when he became a parent himself that I realized he is actually a grown man. Congrats to us both Jon as new grandparents!

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  7. It’s a great title and a wonderful concept Cheryl; I’ve seen this in movies, quite recently ‘Safe Haven’, where a young mom who knew she was dying wrote letters to her children for various milestones in their life, but not necessarily in writing. I think the idea is romantic and loving and perhaps will offer your grandchildren a different perspective of a younger you in time to come.

    I will have to go listen to your voice, given what Jeri says here; nosy that way; lol, everyone keeps saying I should read something online too (I guess because I still have my Scottish undertones, but I absolutely hate hearing myself and anyway… a tad shy that way. So well done on that. Good luck with the book. 😉

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    • None of us wants to think that we may not live long enough to pass on everything we want our loved ones to know. I do hope you take time to listen to some of the recorded chapters. That way you get an idea of what the book is like and you get to hear my voice. Bonus! LOL

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  8. Jeri thanks for featuring Cheryl.

    And Cheryl, you are just WAY too young to be a grandma.

    This will likely be a highly popular book with our aging baby boomer generation.

    Congratulations on what, your second book?

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    • You flatter me Patricia and I accept it. LOL Yes. This is my second book and the third one is well on it’s way. Shh… it’s a secret for now. :)

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  9. Jeri – What a great review of Cheryl’s book. I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. I laughed and cried in this book.

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  10. Very cool! Both that Geek Girl/New Grandma has written such a heartfelt book, and that Jeri is featuring and recommending it here. I love that writers can exhort each other like this, no matter if we live thousands of miles apart. You both inspire me.

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  11. Congratulations, Cheryl, on your new grandchild and the “birth” of your book. I’m a grandmother and have watched my grandson grow into an accomplished young man whose passion and dream since he was old enough to talk is to become a film maker. He’s now studying film in college and of course I think he’s terrific. I hope to live long enough to see him win his first Oscar!

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  12. Such great wisdom even in the intro of the book! It’s so true that we always think we’ll have time to tell others how we feel but most of the time we never get around to doing it. Your letters are going to be incredible for your grandchild to read someday.. very cool stuff

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  13. I love the idea of this book. It’s best to let others know how you feel sooner rather than later since later may never come.

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