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Here’s a post for the busybody in everyone. With a second year of blogging now behind me, it’s fun to take a look back as well as a look ahead. It’s safe to every blogging stumble eventually leads to greater success. This journey has enabled me start a new career and learn as I go. With great confidence I can say 2014 will be the year my writing and editing efforts finally fall into place. I continue to be amazed how much I learn from bloggers in all niches, not to mention meeting interesting people from all over the world.

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2013 Year in Blogging

In varying degrees, I achieved many of the blogging goals I set last year. Highlights from a year in the life of JeriWB: What do I know? reveal the following stats about 2013:

The total number of visits to my blog only increased by one thousand visitors this year, and my busiest day was only half what it was in 2012. My overall traffic leveled off when I removed my food and travel reviews. Not to mention, I only recently realized my site had not been indexed by Google after I wiped out so many URLs. I’ve since remedied the problem, and continue to learn about using web analysis tools. All I can say is thank goodness for the 404 to Start redirect plugin!

Many of my posts receive about 200 views, and some of my most-viewed entries continue to be early posts on English language arts activities like People Bingo. I’ve learned more about SEO practices as well as the type of content I need to start producing to generate more traffic.

Picture of Approaching Istanbul Turkey Cristal Cruise Ship

Approaching Istanbul

2014 Blog Resolutions

I will continue to hone my blog to better represent my professional expertise, not only as a writer, but also as a media consultant and freelance editor.

  • Write more informative, value-added posts and guest posts
  • Increase yearly traffic to at least 50,000 views
  • Double my number of email subscribers
  • Improve my page loading speed
  • Raise Google Page Rank from a 2 to 3

Truth be told, maintaining an author blog often feels like a mixed bag. I am more apt to post creative nonfiction than fiction here, but neither is the ticket to growing my blog readership. I plan to post more writing and blogging tips like The Necessity of Critique Groups and Where to Find Images for Blog Posts. Also, posts like Sexing up the Classics promote lively discussion while also exploring making meaning in the digital age.

To increase traffic, I need to get more creative about how I share my posts. Joining Triberr has been slightly helpful. Averaging 200 visits a day would mean 75,000 visitors a year. Writing guest posts for authoritative sites should hopefully boost my rank. Mostly, blogging provides a continually engaging challenge I love.

I’ll soon be conducting a survey to better gauge reader reaction to my blog. I changed my theme a few months ago (and again this past weekend) and have been tinkering with my menu layout and post categories schedule. As time allows, I’m fine-tuning old posts. It’s so true that a good day’s work is never done. ALL THE BEST TO YOU IN 2014!

What blogging goals are you setting for the year ahead?

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Article written by Jeri Walker-Bickett aka JeriWB

Jeri Walker-Bickett
JeriWB writes short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense. The rough Idaho mining town she grew up in populates her literary landscape. She also works as a freelance editor.
Jeri Walker-Bickett


Author of short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense. Blogger of writing tips and lit chat. Freelance editor.
#WriteTip: 10 Tips for Writing Poetic Prose #jeriwalkerbickett - 3 hours ago
Jeri Walker-Bickett
Jeri Walker-Bickett
Jeri Walker-Bickett
I offer a variety of freelance editing services. Previously, I served as an editorial assistant with The Idaho Review, Boise State's literary journal.


  1. I admire how many well-written posts you write, Jeri. Others may write post after post, but you really bring value: so much discussion on writing, books and authorship in our day.

    As for me, my goal may be not worry so much about my blogs themselves as much as work on my business (building more quality websites that make my clients happy) and on my illustration skills.

    • Leora, thanks! I really do try to bring lit discussion to the forefront, but I also want to focus on more informative topics as well. Like you, I hope to focus on the business end of things as well.

  2. Congrats on achieving your 2013 goals, Jeri – and more power to you with your 2014 ones ;-)

    You say you changed your theme a few months ago but it is just now i see the new looks, job well done – i like how neat it is! (the font type is a bit small though, FYI)

    I am looking forward to your survey – i love your blog so i’d happily participate! But right now, i remember the first blog post i read here – it was about sentence structure and writing; as a non-native English speaker, that was invaluable and super easy to understand. I would love to see more “grammar lessons” here, to hone up my writing in English :D

    Have a wonderful week and year, Jeri – and i really hope we can meet up in Sep in Munich ;-)

    • Diana, I do hope to incorporate one post a month that will deal with writing and grammar in some way. I totally hope I can meet your in September. That would be fantastic!

  3. You have done great since starting your blog! What do you plan to do to increase page loading speed…I think I need to do that too. And have you find anything other group or site like Triberr that’s good to be a part of?

    • Krystle, Triberr and the Blogging Helping Blogger group are the best groups I’ve found. The trouble it they can be so time-consuming to attend to. I’m sending you an email about page loading speed.

  4. Jeri, to tell the truth, I don’t have any blogging goals for the new year. I don’t have any resolution per se at all. This isn’t to say that I don’t want to improve though. I just don’t like New Year resolutions. I will be doing the same as last year — trying to find a design look that reflects who I really am and keep on striving to improve my writing skills and style.

    • Glynis, those are good goals indeed. Getting the writing done is always the best teacher and way to improve. We learn so much from our mistakes.

  5. You had quite a year in 2013…truly admirable. Glad to be among your newer followers and hope to continue to share your content in 2014. Blogging isn’t my end game…writing novels is. So my goals tend to be towards that end, and I am hoping that blogging will help me develop my tribe. I am looking forward to your posts in 2014, Jeri. I bought “The Day My Brain Exploded” based on your review!

    • Jacquie, writing novels should be my end game. I want to at least finish one. At times, I think I’m better suited for creative nonfiction. I’m so glad my post prompted you to purchase Ashok’s memoir.

    • Jacquie, writing novels should be my end game. I want to at least finish one. At times, I think I’m better suited for creative nonfiction. I’m so glad my post prompted you to purchase Ashok’s memoir.

  6. I don’t really do resolutions, but I have written out a gameplan of different objectives I am shooing for this year. From what i can gather so far, it’s going to be a huge year all around. Let’s keep pushing forward and all that.

    I will say that you can expect wven more stories and such from me as the year progresses. There is so much to do and I don’t think a single year is big enough to do it all in.

  7. Wow! Has it really been 2 years. You have done well even with that hiccup. I am fast approaching my two year market for my blog as well. It has grown and continues to see an increase in traffic. My challenge is building a quality list. It appears many use an RSS feed to follow me other then subscribing.

    Goals for 2014 are pretty simple for me. Continue to grow my blog, launch my business website, create two more books and have more fun doing it.

    I know 2014 is your year Jeri and couldn’t be more excited for you and your future. :)

    • Susan, I hear you about building a quality list. I really like how MailChimp makes it apparent how many subscribers are actually engaging and clicking through on the emails. I tend to read most of the blogs I follow in an RSS reader. Email followers are worth their weight in gold, but I love the more anonymous RSS peeps too!

  8. Awesome and inspiring goals! My blogging goals? To actually do it. :)

    I love the new theme.

    • Loni, blogging seems to be the one thing I can’t seem to not do. As for everything else… not so much.

  9. Great job and a huge congratulations to you, Jeri! I also hope that a big goal would be, stats aside, that you continue to love and enjoy what you’re doing. I think too many bloggers get caught up in focusing on stats. Great content will bring the numbers you desire and you are continuing right down that successful path! Very proud of you! By the way, my dad and uncle were raised in Mountain Home and they took me to Silver City :)

    • Mike, I try not to obsess about stats. Numbers can be very revealing and informative though. That’s cool that you’ve been to Silver City. I’ve only gone once, but I have a friend who has a rustic cabin up that way.

  10. You and I share the goals of honing our blogs to better match our professional goals with them as well as growing readership. To that end, I’ve been following Firepole Marketing– for several months and am now taking their online course on building an online audience business. You might be interested. I’ve found that Danny Iny, the owner, is really smart and approachable. Plus there’s a community of us all trying to do the same thing, helping each other apply his ideas.
    Whatever you decide, I know you’ll make tons of progress this year. Looking forward to see your journey.

    • Jagoda, thanks for the link to the marketing site. I’ll be sure to take a look. Progress certainly is addictive.

  11. WoW your stats are great Jeri, and your blog has really improved in leaps and bounds this year. It definitely seems like guest blogging is really the next step for you to take in boosting your numbers. I know you have already done this, but to do it more consistently/ widely. I also find Triberr of limited help, but carry on with it any way. It gives me more exposure on twitter obviously, but not sure that converts to page views.
    Anyway, you should feel very proud of what you’ve accomplished this year, especially considering you moved states! And well done on coming up with some positive , but attainable goals for 2014. Wishing all the best in achieving them. Happy New Year Jeri :-)

    • A.K., Happy New Year to you as well! We both made big moves last year and I’m sure the coming year will be a much smoother one.

  12. As strange as it may sound, I haven’t really set much by way of blogging goals. My goal is to maintain consistency with posting blogs, to support fellow writers/authors, and to continue to write the sex positive posts that seem to stir up conversation and food for thought in a fun, non-threatening way. In fact, one of the coolest compliments I received this year re: my blog was when a poster/friend thanked me for helping her to spice up her marriage by reminding her that there’s something to be said for exploration, spontaneity and open discussions with her hubby. Wow! Really? It didn’t even occur to me that I was doing something more than having fun and stirring up chatter.

    My bigger goals this year are centered around my book writing. I find my blog helps me keep sharp and warms up my writing muscles. It also helps me network and learn from other folks out there like you! :-)

    Happy New Year!

    • Kitt, your blog can be so funny at times. You always keep it real, and I think readers really respect that.

  13. Thumbs up to you Jeri. What a successful blogging year you’ve had. I’m still working through my other goals this year so I am not yet thinking about my blog. I usually take most of January to get focused.

    Quite an inspiration for us Jeri. Bravo!

  14. Jeri — congratulations on your successful blog. You’re getting a lot of visitors and page views so maybe trying to double your subscribers and increase your page views is a little ambitious. No doubt a goal to shoot for. I like the clean layout of your website now. My blogging goals for this year are to continue to write quality posts that provide value to my readers. Pretty simple but important.

    • Jeannette, doubling subscribers is pretty lofty. I’m sure I could do it, but the question is do I want to put all that time into it? At least that goal will get me to try some new approaches to reach and connect with more readers.

  15. Whoaaa Jeri. Slick stuff here. Like the purple yellow contrast a lot.

    Istanbul??? Did you try the sujuk or durums?

    Good luck with those goals…let me know if I can help at all!!

    • Greg, unfortunately I had some really awful food in Istanbul. That’s what a person gets for signing up for the nine-hour day tour of the city. I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I can’t solve my page speed loading issues :)

  16. Congratulations on your stats and good luck with your 2014 goals.

  17. You are awesome!
    I admire your ambitions.

    • Candy, thanks. I’m not sure if my ambitious nature is always a plus when it comes to blogging. I often get sidetracked by my desire to grow my blog because my inner-perfectionist thinks she needs to be good at everything. If I could shut her up, I’m sure my novel would be progressing faster.

  18. Mazel tov on reaching these very impressive goals! I need to pay more attention to analytics and SEO, and blog more regularly. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. But there’s no excuse!

    • Krystyna, I would certainly love if you blogged more often, but totally get how life can keep that from happening. Your car reviews are so much fun and I envy all the loaner vehicles you get to take for a spin.

  19. I have no goals set yet for this year. My blog has gone through several dramatic changes and I still don’t know if any of them are fruitful. Huge congrats for the progress you are making with yours. :)

    • Cheryl, both of us have definitely tried a variety of things on our blogs. I think I’m really close to finding the path I want my blog to be on. Mind you, I said the same thing at this time last year. This time I really mean it!

  20. Well done, Jeri! And best of luck with reaching the goals for your blog this year! Have no doubt you will.

    Personally have no goals for my blog becuase it’s part of an overall goal.

    • Catarina, your blog speaks well for you. I know it makes me thing about business matters I would never consider otherwise. In roundabout ways, it all ties back to becoming a good marketer.

  21. Hi Jeri: It sounds like you’re really doing well with your blog, and that you’re pretty focused on where you want to go with it. It’s an evolving animal, isn’t it? You’re got to keep things fresh and interesting so that people want to come back. I really like the visual improvements you have made to your blog. Here’s to a wonderful 2014, full of engagement.

    • Doreen, I really enjoy seeing how all of our blogs are evolving as well as how we share our progress with each other. I went with the most simple theme I could find, but it’s the picture slider at the top that really won me over :)

  22. These are great resolutions! I think you’re right that the main thing to focus on is writing quality posts, and only then work on ways to increase their visibility. I’m very much a baby blogger (just been at it a few months) so I’m learning as I go along, and have resolved this year to be a little bit more strategic and educate myself on things like SEO which sounds to me like an international trade organisation. So I have quite a bit to learn ;-)

    • Claire, nice to meet you! Have you downloaded the Yoast SEO plugin? It really helped me learn how to incorporate better SEO practices into my posts.

      • Ooh no, but I will – great tip, thanks!

  23. You’re an inspiration Jeri! It’s hard not to compare myself when I see other people’s stats, but I do like the idea of taking stock and setting goals. What do you use to look up your stats?

    • Meredith, I use the WordPress JetPack plugin in too see the total number of hits and where the types of sites that drives traffic my way. I also use Google analytics and Google’s webmaster tools as well. It took me awhile to try Google’s tools, but I’m slowly learning how beneficial their insights can be.

  24. I like the newest new look! It’s very clean. You’re doing a great job with your blog, Jeri. It’s fun and informative, and your content is always good quality.

    For 2014, my blogging goal is to find my readers, meaning the readers who will read my book(s). I’m not going to focus on numbers, but more on how to reach new segments of people, e.g. people who aren’t on Twitter, for one. Now, how to do that without increasing overall time on social media? I dunno yet.

    • Laura, your memoir is going to appeal to so many people. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  25. Great work Jeri, it’s always tough when you fundamentally change your blog and then Google gets mad at you. I’m happy with where my blog is, but I need to continue building relevant content and make sure my message is as clear as possible.

    • Dan, I did indeed anger the Google gods. I’m gradually getting things back on track, not to mention I also have a long list of things I will never do again ;) If I ever start another blog, I will be sooooo ready to hit the ground running.

  26. Jeri, I think it’s great how we’ve all evolved the last year! I know you have an additional year on me, but still…

    I wish you the best with all of your goals, and am happy I got to know a bit about you this past year. It’s great to connect with like-minded folk! ;)

    • Lorraine, even with two years of blogging I’m still honing what it is I exactly want to blog about. I hope my new “Making meaning in the digital age” tagline will prove fruitful in the year to come. I’m glad I can count you among the new blogger friends :)

  27. Everytime I read posts with SEO tips I’m like a deer in the headlights…I just don’t get it. So I’m not sure when/if I’ll have a Google Page Rank. All the best to you in 2014!

    • Cassi, I never understood SEO very well until I started to use the Yoast SEO plugin for blogs. Since you use Google’s blogger, that wouldn’t be a plugin you could use. The main thing is to try to use your keyword in your title, in the first paragraph of your post and throughout, in the post’s URL and also in the the tag for the post images and post (meta) description.

  28. Happy New Year! You are so well organized, it’s excellent. If my blog was my business, I’d like to think I would apply the same diligence in terms of setting goals and delivering on them. It’s a good practice. You can’t reach goals if you don’t set them.

    • Debra, it’s definitely been a long road for me to figure out how to get a little bit of everything I love into my blog while still have it speak for the editing business I’m starting as well as my work as an author. If I ever start a blog just for fun, it will be a food and travel blog.

  29. Good luck with your 2014 goals.

    • Jaon, thanks for the well wishes. I’ll be looking forward to see where 2014 takes you blog as well.

  30. We are pretty much in the same boat in all aspects. I have almost fallen off the social media radar which has hurt the blog I think and things like Triberr I’ve thought about, but that is as far as it got!
    As you find new ways to share your blog, I’d love to read about it. I am not sure I can keep up with it all, but I need to if the blog will continue to grow :)

    • Becc, I think Triberr is worth it, but it hasn’t proven to be the gigantic traffic-driver many swear it to be.

  31. Jeri,
    It’s great to see so many comments here. Congratulations on creating a nice little community here and best wishes for continued success in 2014.

    My blogging goals this year include a fresh look with a new responsive WordPress theme. I’m also tweaking my social media strategy to focus more on Google+ and less of Facebook. I’m also making it a point to interact more with influential bloggers in my niche (while continuing to support my friends from the Bloggers Helping Bloggers group).

    • Sherryl, it’s so satisfying to see how everyone’s blogs continue to grow. I’ve been putting more effort into G+ as well.

  32. I think it’s a great plan to set out your goals at the beginning of the year for your blog – Think I may do the same! I have no doubt you will get up to a PR3 either – especially if you use G+ and join some authors circles – Works every time :) Good luck!

    • Jim, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes housekeeping on my blog, so I’m sure it will pay off. You’ll have to tune in next year when I take stock once again.

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